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Our mission is based on the principles of Profit green sustainability, we value people with the charter of values, the environment with the traceability of raw material procurement, packaging and logistics.

Quality, sense of Responsibility, Sustainability and Competence are the pillars of our company.

Massimo Trivella

CEO & Founder
Cutting Edges Srl Benefit Company


We make our skills and services available to companies, participated public institutions and the Third Sector, offering project support, training consultancy, diffusion of best practices and training and coaching activities. And again, providing data, specific analysis and company knowledge aimed to steady improve strategies and collective development, spreading the message of the uniqueness of the value of the Made in ltaly brand.


Develop projects and organizational systems of circular economy in collaboration with the different realities involved in the entire supply chain, making them subsequently available also to public institutions and Third Cector realities for a circular diffusion of evolved best practices, in line with the most updated indications and regulations of the European Union.


We make our most advanced competences available free of charge to companies, in any capacity involved in the entire supply chain, to public institutions and to Third Sector realities for constant innovation, always aiming at greater sustainability, in order to offer a shared support for a coherent and universal growth. Continuous and constant development of sustainable practices and working models to accelerate a positive transition of economic, production, consumption and cultural paradigms, tending to the systematic regeneration of natural and social systems.


We contribute to the preservation of the environment through a daily and constant commitment to reduce C02 through the use of technologies, data trends, artificial intelligence and similar, also for a progressive reduction of production residues and emissions of gasses and/or substances that are harmful to the environment and to the entire community.

Cutting Edges, with its careful policy dedicated to the management of wood resources and a precise and accurate environmental planning, offers its significant contribution to the respect, care and growth of forest environments.

Moreover, it promotes and encourages the use of sustainable transport and machinery, more inclusive working methods and smart working as well as a separate collection of all production waste. This stategy model is made available for replication to other companies in the same or different sectors.


Every year we allocate part of the profits achieved to non-profit organizations with the specific aim of supporting the world of made in Italy and green & zero waste, encouraging the integration of processes and working practices ethically improved, with the purpose of raising social responsibility in all the companies.


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