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Cutting Edges, an Italian company based in the province of Milan, we have been producing high performance flat and rotary dies since 1991.  The experience gained in over thirty years of activity has allowed us to develop products and solutions that have been adopted by companies all over Europe in the industrial and packaging sectors.The company has always sought to differentiate itself through the quality of its products and services. In 2021, Cutting Edges took the important decision to become a  Benefit Company , Through this legal form, the company has given priority to constant Research, Development and Experimentation activities, aimed at the continuous growth of its know-how and the identification of more effective solutions to the pressing environmental, social and economic challenges of our time.

The objective of improving the professional and environmental context through a sustainable commitment of resources guarantees the achievement of high quality standards and excellent results in terms of environmental and social impact and ethical governance. By sharing and disseminating best practices on key issues, for new and different market needs, the company distinguishes itself territorially and globally, investing in the concept of "Shared Valued" .

The Legality Rating is assigned by the Italian Legality rating with the assignment of two stars. The Legality Rating is assigned by the Italian Competition and Market Authority and rewards companies that operate according to the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility.

Cutting Edges is a company that bases its main principles on human capital, high professional skills, high technological development and innovative ideas.

Our mission is based on the principles of Profit green sustainability, we value people with the charter of values, the environment with the traceability of raw material procurement, packaging and logistics. Quality, sense of Responsibility, Sustainability and Competence are the pillars of our Company.

Massimo Trivella

CEO & Founder
Cutting Edges Srl Benefit Company

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