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Among the Benefit activities, a further aim of Cutting Edges is to create an inter-company mechanism of Orientation, Higher Education, Job Training and Continuous Education, promoted by the same company; the broader aim is to become a reference company in the constant updating of best practices.

The training purposes are certainly achievable by Cutting Edges, especially for the consolidated experience and know-how acquired in many years of presence on National and International markets.

The training activities are highly feasible because, after years of sharing and consolidation of work mechanisms, Cutting Edges is able to propose a work learning system dedicated not only to the construction and updating of new professional skills but also aimed at personal growth.


Orientation refers to the support activities that the company offers when a person is faced with a transition at the work, analyzing the skills and knowledge of the person and looking for the best possible strategy to achieve the objectives.


All team members are supported in order to obtain a specific and high-level job training through the acquisition of skills useful to carry out their work in the company, thus facilitating the insertion and professional growth.


The company constantly invests to ensure continuous training to its team, so that all members are consistenly and adequately updated throughout their working life, with respect to the tasks assigned. All this is possible through refresher courses, team building strategies and various other tools suitable to evolve their skills.

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