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Know How

Since the beginning of the Company, the production of rotary and flat dies for folding carton and corrugated cardboard has had a strong technical characterization, the result of experience and technological research based on specific customer needs. Our mission is founded on the principles of Profit Green sustainability, giving value to people and the environment, through the traceability of the supply of raw materials, packaging used and logistics. Quality, Responsibility, Sustainability and Competence are the pillars of our company. Acquired skills, continuous training, consulting and services are the practical knowledge that distinguishes Cutting Edges; experience and practical skills in management and the ability to understand the context by adopting the appropriate behaviors are the basic foundations of our operation.

We believe in continuous innovation and invest in research that anticipates future technologies. We support our customers in all phases of an order, from product training to production and delivery. Our request processing system allows you to remotely monitor all phases and activities related to the requested projects and to interact with our specialists in order to satisfy any request regarding pre and post sales needs. The characteristics of punctuality and rapidity of intervention that distinguish us are guaranteed through the efficiency of the internal organization and thanks to collaborations with international partners, which allow us to process and collect commercial requests from all over Europe, being able to fulfill them quickly.

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