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The daily commitment and constant attention to preserving nature drives Cutting Edges to track and control that the extraction operations and related processing of raw materials follow the European directives for the protection of the environment. Cutting dies are made with top quality materials that guarantee high productivity during their use; our trademarks are the guarantee of compliance with the regulations and the total legality in the management of activities.

Technology, from the Greek word téchne, meaning art, craftsmanship, practical ability, competence is the synthesis of our company, our foundations are based on craftsmanship skills assisted by the rules of production processes and ensure the industrial evolution of the entire system.
The results that are created combine technique and experience to generate high performance products and proactive solutions to further enhance the productivity of our customers.



supplied for high productivity, made for any machine manufacturer, use of top quality materials. All these elements, wisely balanced, generate the harmony of a die made for the satisfaction of its user.


made for machines of all brands, designed for traditional or special productions and supplied for high productivity.
The help of these machines allows a better realization of certified and quality products. 


Supplied for high productivity, for all its production the company guarantees: quality with certified products, reliability with sure realization times, specialization with solutions for every typology, innovation with the constant technological evolution, guarantee of the respect of the norms and total legality in the management of the activity.

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