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Technical table

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Cutting Edges, among its Benefit activities, has created a Technical Table of Consultation, composed of representatives of private, public, participated and third sector organizations, in order to study the specific activity of Cutting Edges as well as any other element that may be dictated by rules, laws and regulations issued by local, regional and national public institutions. Among the main purposes of the Technical Table of Consultation there is also the study for the development of new and updated best practices of the whole chain involved in the specific activity as well as the possible improvement of the regulations concerning the business activities.
As a consequence, the Technical Table of Concertazione will be constantly engaged in a work of diffusion of the results obtained from its own activities and of transmission to the legislating Institutions that intervene in the norms, in the regulations and in the laws that for any reason involve the enterprises operating in the sector and not.


The Technical Consultation Table has the task of monitoring and verifying the criticalities, the results actually achieved and any corrective action that needs to be taken.


The data collected by the Technical Consultation Table will be periodically diffused in various initiatives. These diffusion activities will also be carried out through the involvement of Public, Participated and Third Sector entities.

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